2006    Hobsons Bay Endoscopy Clinic, 179 Princes Highway, Werribee, Melbourne - selection of  9 limited edition prints framed & hung in the reception area

2007   John Croft Design, 63 Amelia St,  Brisbane - selection of 51 unframed limited edition prints for commercial & residential buildings

2007 - 2008   Doutta Galla Aged Care, 120 North Rd, Avondale Heights, Melbourne - worked with Julie Skuja ( interior designer) with PTA Architects   http://ptarch.com.au/home2.htm   on selection of 36 framed & hung limited edition prints for the new wing

2008    Doutta Galla Multicultural Hostel, 20 Zurcus Lane, Sepparton, Victoria - 36  framed   limited edition prints for the new wing

2008   Design Symphony   http://www.designsymphony.com.au/   - worked  with  Julie Skuja to provide prints for a new Display  home ( The Entertainer ) for Blay Builders, Bairnsdale, Victoria   http://www.blaybuilders.com.au/      

2008   Bellbird Consulting Suites, 198 Canterbury Rd, Blackburn, Melbourne - worked with Julie Skuja  http://www.designsymphony.com.au/  10 framed  prints for new consulting rooms.

2008    Doutta Galla Aged Care, 48 Geelong Rd, Footscray, Melbourne worked with Julie Skuja at PTA Architects on selection of 138  framed & hung prints for new facility.

2009   Doutta Galla Aged Care, 48 Geelong Rd, Footscray - 8 framed black & white prints 

2009  Doutta Galla Aged Care, Footscray - 4 framed commissioned prints for new wing

2011   Hobsons Bay Endoscopy Clinic, Melton Highway, Sydenham, Melbourne - selection of 10 limited edition prints framed & hung throughout the clinic  

2011  AlfredHealth, Alfred Child and Youth Mental Health Service (ACYMHS), Moorabbin, Melbourne - 10 framed limited edition prints to be hung for upgrade to premises ( to be installed in September)

2011 Southern Health, MonashHeart, Clayton, Melbourne - commissioned 6 limited edition prints

2012 Cycling Physio Clinic,52  Templestowe Rd, Bulleen, Melbourne - 10 ltd ed prints